Craghoppers Nosilife Liner Review

Does a Craghoppers Nosilife Liner stop mosquito bites?


A Craghoppers Nosilife liner does help stop insects biting you whilst you sleep

We like travelling and we like camping. Craghoppers nosilife liners have become an essential travel item when we want to sleep anywhere where there might be biting insects such as mosquitoes and midges.

We used Craghoppers nosilfe liners in our campervan and we have used them backpacking. They pack down small and are easily transportable. During our three week trip through Vietnam we had four of these liners with us and we were grateful because there were a lot of biting insects around. Including nasty mosquitoes. We didn’t get bitten at night, even when people we were travelling with did.


Craghoppers NosiLife Stretch Liner Benefits

We found there were more benefits than expected by using our Nosilife liners…

  • Yes … Craghoppers Nosilife liners help stop insects including mosquitoes, midges and bedbugs biting you. NosiLife does seem to work and it is guaranteed for the lifetime of the liner. Though I’m not sure how you’d claim if you did get bitten?!
  • You also get a good nights sleep as the liners feel good against the skin.
  • The bags have their own pillow pouch so you can put your own travel pillow inside it. These helps keep everything together if you are a wriggly person at night.
  • We found that we didn’t get too sweaty, even when we camped in 30+’C heat in Italy or in the high humidity of Vietnam.
  • The polyester material used is partly made from recycled bottles which provides a feel good factor when using the sleeping liners.

How does NosiLife work?

NosiLife is a Craghoppers brand of accessories, clothing and garments that are impregnated with Permethrin.

According to online research … It is a cloth treatment, notably in mosquito nets and field wear. While permethrin may be marketed as an insect repellent, it does not prevent insects from landing. Instead it works by incapacitating or killing insects before they can bite.

Is Permethrin risky?

Permethrin is in the pyrethroid family of medications.It works by disrupting the function of the neurons of lice and scabies mites. Side effects could include rash and irritation at the area of use. Use during pregnancy appears to be safe.  It is approved for use on and around people over the age of two months.

As a family of four, we have not experienced any side effects repeatedly using NosiLife products. You cannot tell that the products are impregnated with permethrin.

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