O2 Cool Portable Neck Fan Review

Portable neck fans are a handy invention. We like this O2 Cool rechargeable neck fan as it is nice and compact.


Keeping cool on the go is important to help prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke. We bought a couple of these handy O2 Cool portable neck fans whilst on a trip to New York City as the temperature was soaring. The great news is that this portable neck fan is now available in the U.K. too!

This fan is very portable so it is easy to op into a handbag or picnic bag. It would also be very handy if you are a commuter and find public transport gets too hot.

What do we like about the O2 Cool portable neck fan

Unlike some neck fans that you literally wear around your neck and that then feel cumbersome (and a little silly), this O2 Cool portable neck fan hangs on a cord. The cool air then blows up towards your neck and face to help you keep cool on those hot and sticky days.

This portable neck fan also has the following other benefits…

  1. It has three speeds so that you can increase the air flow when the temperature rises (it does use up more battery juice though).
  2. The O2 Cool portable neck fan is lightweight weighing only 135g. This means that you don’t get neck fatigue when wearing it.
  3. It is small and compact 11.5cm x 8.5cm x 3.0 cm (at widest point where the fan is). This makes it discrete when you are wearing it.
  4. It is easy to easy to recharge via USB. We use our handy Mophie power bank and tiny Rolling Square inCharge X lead when we need to charge it on the go. You can see it being charged this way in the images below.
  5. It lasts for ages. The manufacturer claims that from a full charge you can run the O2 Cool portable neck fan on low speed up to 11.5 hours, medium speed up to 8 hours and high speed up to 5.5 hours (we’ve used is constantly for 4 hours on high speed watching a cricket game in the sun at Headingley and it was still going!)
  6.  This O2 Cool neck fan isn’t very noisy. This means that you can even wear it whilst sat working if you need to.
  7. It provides hands free cooling so you can carry on with other tasks.
  8. It has an adjustable lanyard so that you can position the fan so that it is comfortable for you. The lanyard also has a breakaway feature so that it is safer for children to wear than a single cord.
  9. You can take it off as a neck fan and use it as a portable table top fan if you’d like to.

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