O2 Cool Portable Fan Mister Review

This portable fan from O2 Cool that creates a water mist is fab when the temperature rises!


What is the best portable fan for keeping you cool?

The best portable fan will all depend on your needs. Are you wanting a fan that you can take around with you whilst on the go, or is it something that you need whilst sat down at your desk?

If you want something that is portable, you need to consider size, weight and battery power.

We really like this o2 Cool water misting fan when we’re out and about as it’s a very portable fan … with added water cooling benefits. This is especially important with children who aren’t as good at regulating body temperature as adults. The NHS in the U.K. recommends using a spray as one way to cool someone down to avoid heat exhaustion and heatstroke. 

What is a misting fan?

A misting fan is a fan that combines the cooling benefits of a traditional fan with the added benefit of a water mister.

A misting fan is designed to create a cooling effect by spraying a fine mist of water into the air which is then blown over your skin by the fan.

You essentially have two cooling effects …

  1. The first cool is the sensation of the water mist on your skin. This can be especially nice if you have iced or cold water in the fan.
  2. The second cooling effect is from the water evaporating from your skin. This takes body heat with it.

You may have seen people in hot countries adopting this same principle on a hot day when they hose down a sidewalk or patio to cool an area.

What we like about the O2 Cool portable fan mister

We really like the simplicity of this portable fan. It just works. In the past we have used aerosol water sprays to keep cool whilst travelling. We never liked the fact that this was just creating more trash for the planet. We were also never really sure what was being sprayed onto our children and ourselves.

With the O2 Cool portable misting fan you simply fill it with fresh water. This means you know exactly what is being sprayed onto your skin.

Other benefits of the O2 Cool fan include…

  1. It uses AA batteries which are easy to replace (we prefer to use rechargeable ones).
  2. The opening is large enough to pop a few ice cubes into it. This helps keep the water even cooler.
  3. It is designed to stand upright so you can place it next to you.
  4. It has a simple on & off button for the fan.
  5. The water spray is activated with a finger trigger.
  6. The blades are flexible so don’t hurt if you happen to catch a finger in them.
  7. There is a hoop to attach a lanyard to so it can clip to a rucksack .
  8. It’s bottle sized so fits into most backpack bottle holder pouches.
We keep a portable misting fan in our VW campervan

We’ve used this portable fan now for various activities. These include…

  • Camping in our campervan (it can get very hot!)
  • City breaks 
  • School sports days
  • Picnics

We’ve even used it for keeping our dogs cool!!

How could the O2 Cool misting fan be improved?

It’s a pretty cool device (groan …bad joke!) that we use a lot. If we could change anything we would maybe make it a little smaller so it could fit into a hand bag.

It would also be great if it had built in rechargeable batteries that could be recharged with a USB lead.

Neither of these are major issues though.

O2 Cool Portable Fan Mister Review

This portable fan from O2 Cool that creates a water mist is fab when the temperature rises! What is the best portable fan for keeping

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