AutoYet Selfie Stick and Tripod review

We really like this AutoYet selfie stick & tripod that we use to capture our travel photos.


Why is a combined selfie stick & tripod useful when travelling?

Taking photos and video to capture those special, once in a lifetime moments is part of every holiday. Life goes by quickly, so having cool gadgets like this AutoYet selfie stick and tripod to help you set up perfect shots is very useful. 

We like the fact that it is really two gadgets in one so we don’t need a separate camera tripod and selfie stick.

The Bluetooth button (that is detachable) is really very useful and is easy to connect to your smartphone.


This isn’t just for people who want to make TikTok or YouTube videos, or who post their images on Instagram (though it is perfect for that too).

Modern smartphones have such good camera and video functionality, but most people don’t get the best out of them as they only take photos in traditional ways.

This combined selfie stick and tripod allows you to be more creative in your scene setting and also enabling great images on the go.

What we like about this combined selfie stick & tripod…

There are quite a few features that we have found useful with this AutoYet tripod and selfie stick…

  1. It is well made with a combination of plastic & aluminium and looks and feels quite premium compared to other ones we have used. The tripod has struts underneath when it folds out, help make it very sturdy.
  2. The Bluetooth button is detachable so you can have it hidden in your hand when you’re taking a family photo.
  3. Without using the telescopic stick, you can use the selfie stick to take photos & video more easily than holding just the phone which can be awkward.
  4. The telescopic pole is useful when you want to get a group photo, but you don’t want to risk setting up the tripod e.g. when you are somewhere busy and it would be easy for someone to then grab your phone and steal it.
  5. The Bluetooth button is easily rechargeable via USB and lasts for ages.
  6. It is very easy to pair with smartphones. We use iPhones but it is also compatible with other brands too including Samsung (best to check this at Amazon before buying).
  7. It doesn’t take up much space and easily fits into a jeans pocket.
  8. It doesn’t weigh much either, which is always a consideration for baggage allowance or for when you are packing you daypack. 
  9. Finally it look a little like a light saber… so you can secretly pretend you are a Jedi!

There are lots of benefits for this super AutoYet tripod and selfie stick gadget!

How big is this selfie stick & tripod?

It weighs 170g and is 19.5cm x 3cm in size un-extended.

Extended is is 80cm in length. 

It has horizontal 270° rotation and vertical rotation of 180° . The telescopic stick can be adjusted to any length between 19.5cm and and 80cm/31.5in.

This flexibility allows you to find the the best position for your photo or video.

Check out prices of the AutoYet Selfie Stick & Tripod

See the latest price for an AutoYet selfie stick and tripod at Amazon

Unedited video using the AutoYet selfie stick and tripod for stability...

AutoYet Selfie Stick and Tripod family photos...

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