FSTravelP Travel Adapter Review

What travel adapter do I need? That was the question before every trip until we bought the FSTravelP travel adapter plug.


Do I need a European travel adapter? Do I need a USA travel adapter? WHAT WORLDWIDE TRAVEL ADAPTER PLUG ??!! We've all been there!

This FSTravelP universal travel adapter has now been used in the USA, Europe and Asia. It is also used in our VW California campervan to connect to a random European socket behind the passenger seat. We have also used it to connect our laptop to a two pin airplane socket on a long haul flight.

Over the years we have used many travel adapter plugs and finally we found a high quality and flexible one. 

What we like about the FSTravelP travel adapter...

There are quit a lot of features that we like about our FSTravelP travel adapter:

  • It is designed with 4 interchangeable plugs (EU/UK/USA/AUS)  and supports a wide range of voltage (10A 100V-250V~). This makes it very suitable  for global travelling where voltages differ.
  • The FSTravelP travel adapter can be used across the globe (apparently in over 150 countries) such as UK, Ireland, Singapore (Type G); Germany, France, Spain, most of the Europe (Type C); America, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica (Type B), China, Australia, New Zealand (Type I) and more.
  • It has 2 USB chargers and with a built-in smart IC chip, which auto detects the optimum charging speed to the connected devices (up to 5V/2.4A max, 12W). This protects your devices, even when charging the whole night.
  •  It isn’t a bulky and heavy travel adapter plug.
    • It weighs only 132g
    • Width 5 cm
    • Height 6.5 cm
    • Depth 5.5 cm (without plus extended)
  • It has a convenient travel case to stop bits getting inside it.
  •  It has a built in 10 amp fuse and also a built in spare fuse too.

Is there anything that we didn't like about the FSTravelP travel adapter ?

We stayed at an old fashioned hotel in Italy for a night that hadn’t upgraded it’s electrics from the 3 pin Type L sockets to the European Type C. We managed though as our Mophie Power Bank was fully charged.

What travel adapter do I need for USA?

what travel adapter do i need for usa

A Type A plug  which is often known as a US plug adapter can be used through America, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan amongst other countries. 

This travel adapter plug works as a Type A adapter.

What travel adapter do I need for EU?

A Type C travel plug is often know as an EU or European plug as it works through Europe and Scandinavia including Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Sweden etc. It also works in Egypt, Russia, South Korea, Algeria, Afghanistan, Argentina as well as other countries. 

This travel adapter works as a Type C adapter plug.

What travel adapter do I need for Australia & New Zealand?

The Type I travel adapter is often known as an Australian travel plug adapter. It is also suitable for New Zealand, Argentina, Fiji and China as well as other countries.

This travel adapter is suitable for Type I sockets.

What travel adapter do I need for UK?

In the UK we use a Type G socket. It is also used in the UAE, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives and Qatar amongst other travel destinations.

This travel adapter works with Type G sockets.

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