Craghoppers Nosilife Shirt Review

Does Craghoppers NosiLife anti mosquito clothing work? Here’s our Craghoppers Nosilife Shirt from travelling through Vietnam. 


Why I love my Craghoppers NosiLife shirts…

I’d owned a Craghoppers NosiLife shirt for several years and I’d been very happy with it and used it for camping in Scotland to help with midges.

When we started planning our family trip through Vietnam, I needed some new clothes. With a fear of mosquitos, I started looking at how to stop mosquito bites and mosquito repellent clothing. Surprisingly there aren’t that many solutions out there. Craghoppers NosiLife had the best range of mosquito repellent clothing and accessories that I could find.

The clothing worked well & we felt it deserved it’s own Travel Cool Craghoppers Nosilife shirt review!

7 Craghopper NosiLife Shirt Benefits

The Craghopper NosiLife Shirts are simply brilliant and in summary provide the following benefits…

  1. They have built in mosquito repellent technology which lasts the lifetime of the fabric.
  2. The shirts also have SolarShield fabric technology with UPF40+ UV protection.
  3. The fabric wicks moisture away from the skin. This kept me cool even in the high humidity of Southeast Asia.
  4. They are designed to be anti-odour. I wore one shirt for 4 days in Vietnam before I could wash it and it didn’t smell.
  5. They have shirts that look good and not just another ‘safari shirt’ so you can wear them in urban areas and for socialising.
  6. They sleeves can be rolled up and held in place with button straps. I’d not realised the benefit of this until using the shirt in high humidity which changes the dynamic of the fabric and makes the sleeves more likely to flop and unroll.
  7. There is a useful ‘sunglasses cleaner’ patch. Whilst I did use this on my specs, it was brilliant for keeping the lens of my iPhone clear of smudges.

Does NosiLife work as a Mosquito Repellent?

In my experience yes. The NosiLife shirts were really tested for their anti-mosquito properties during our travels through Vietnam. 

There were plenty of mosquitos about as you can see from this bad boy that I squished. Whilst other people got bitten and suffered from some quite nasty mosquito bites, I didn’t. Yes I had on mosquito repellent bug spray, but so did others. At night I simply made sure I had my shirt sleeves rolled down, covered my legs and sprayed my ankles with mosquito repellent (it was too hot for NosiLife socks!)

How many shirts did i take on the trip?

Our Vietnam trip was over three weeks. I had a couple of Craghoppers NosiLife shirts with me. I also had a long sleeved top that I occasionally slept in (including on the bug infested Vietnamese sleeper train!)

This was plenty. Whilst I wore them constantly when in rural areas such as the Mekong Delta. I didn’t feel they were required in the cities during the day.

The shirts were very easy to hand wash wash with and they dried very quickly. 

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