Rohan Alpha Silver Boxers Review

Affectionally know as 'magic pants' these Rohan Alpha Silver Boxers could well be the best men's travel pants


Why I love my Rohan Alpha Silver Boxers...

I have been using Rohan Silver Boxers for years (not literally the same pair, but I honestly think I could get away with that as they are so good … hence ‘Magic Pants’). I have tried various other brands and they have all let me down by being too bulky, sweaty, uncomfortable…or smelly.

Unless you’re the type of person that goes commando, your choice travel pants can be a very import decision when packing for your travels. Look no further. These Rohan Boxers are fantastic.

Rohan Alpha Silver Boxer Benefits...

The Rohan Men’s Alpha Silver Boxer are simply brilliant and in summary provide the following benefits…

  1. Comfortable:
    You do not know that you are wearing them. There is no chaffing or rubbing.
  2. Lightweight:
    Great for sport or just daily use and they don’t take up much space either.
  3. Breathable:
    You don’t get sweaty and sticky wearing them (and they’ve been tested in some pretty hot and humid places).
  4. They don’t smell!!
    Yes it’s a yucky thing to talk about, but these lightweight, antimicrobial boxers made with something called Silvadur™ technology, manage to keep you fresh all day, even when you’ve been really active skiing, climbing, hiking, biking etc.
  5. They fit well:
    Whether your a Grower or a Shower,  the design fit and provides a great deal of flexibility. 
  6. Easy to wash & dry:
    A quick hand wash with some soap and a rinse, hang them to dry and they’ll be ready in the morning.

How many pairs of pants should I take on a trip? 

With the Rohan Alpha Silver Boxers you don’t need to take many pairs. You just need to be sure that you have enough to get you to the next place where you can wash and dry them. on a three week tour of Vietnam I took six pairs and that was plenty.

There is nothing worse than having a massive stinky bag of underwear laundry when you’re travelling. The great thing about Rohan Alpha Silver boxers is that they are small and scrunch up into next to nothing so you can tuck them away in a small dry bag or plastic bag. If you don’t have washing liquid, I’ve found that shower gel or shampoo works just as well and hasn’t damaged the pants.

Rohan Alpha Silver Boxer

You can buy these direct from

If you’re not a boxer type of person…  don’t sweat as Rohan do also manufacture briefs and a wide range of other base layer options too.

You can see the current Rohan underwear and base layer range if you click here

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