Viva Recharge Reusable Iced Tea & Iced Coffee Cup

The Viva Recharge insulated travel cup is perfect for making iced tea & iced coffee


We love iced tea and iced coffee and we hunted high and low for the perfect insulated cup

Every member of the travel cool family loves to drink either tea or coffee (or both). We already love the Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug for transporting our hot drinks on the go and we’ve been using them for years.

In the summer we like to switch to iced drinks and we wanted a ‘no faff’ solution that had to meet the following criteria…

  1. It was simple to make iced drinks with.
  2. It kept our drinks cold
  3. It didn’t leak
  4. It was robust & transportable
  5. We didn’t get any of those floaty bits or grit from tea or coffee getting through to the drink
  6. It was easy to clean
With the Viva Recharge insulated mug, we’ve found the solution.

How to make iced tea & how to make iced coffee in the Viva Recharge...

It really is very easy to make iced tea or iced coffee in the Viva Recharge:

  1. Unscrew the lid & remove the dual purpose tea infuser & coffee press.
  2. Measure out your desired amount of tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, coffee grounds.
  3. Add boiling water up the the first line (the cold drink line) inside the cup, insert the infuser part-way (to the surface of the liquid) & let the tea or coffee brew / infuse for a few minutes.
  4. Add ice cubes to the filter insert and insert this into the cup and screw in.
  5. Top up with a drop of extra cold water if needed.
  6. Screw on the leak proof lid. Give the flask a little shake to thoroughly mix the iced tea or iced coffee. Away you go!!
You can also use the Viva Recharge to make hot drinks. Just fill the cup up to the second line (hot drink line), use the insert as a coffee / tea press. Add milk even desired & screw on the lid.

What do we like about the Viva Recharge insulated mug?

There are a lot of features that we like about the Viva Recharge mug…

  • It really is a very well thought out cup. The process works very well/
  • Iced tea & iced coffee stay cold for hours. The manufacturer claims 12 hours, but our drinks never last that long!
  • It doesn’t leak. The cap closure design is very good and we’ve not had a single drop spill whist it’s closed.
  • It’s a good size and fits into a drinks water bottle holder in our rucksacks and in the car.
  • It has an anti-slip base so it it less likely to topple over.
  • It has a good capacity of circa 500ml.
  • It looks good and feels premium with a Scandinavian design.
    • The infuser is made from Triton which is a plastic that is BPA & BPE free and highly durable and shatterproof.
    • The cup is made from German medical grade stainless steel.
    • The external powder coating provides a nice feel and grip.
  • It can be used without the infuser as a standard thermal flask / cup.

Was there anything that we didn't like?

This is a premium product so it is more expensive than other thermal cups out there. It is more than double the price of a Bodum Vacuum Mug with the added coffee press plunger.

However, we no longer use the coffee plunger with our Bodum Vacuum mugs. We found the coffee grounds and tea leaves escaped into the drink & we couldn’t easily make iced drinks with it. This does not happen with the Viva Recharge.

The manufacturer states not to use in a dishwasher and to only hand wash the Viva Recharge. (We have cleaned it in our dishwasher that we run at Eco temperatures and haven’t had any issues so far).

What are the benefits of iced tea?

Iced tea is becoming a popular drink. Some of the potential benefits include

  • Hydration – Keeping hydrated (especially when it is warm) is very important for your general health. The wide variety of teas and fruit infusions that can be used to make iced tea provides variety when keeping hydrated.
  • Antioxidants – Many teas contains catechin antioxidants which can help protect the body. These antioxidants can have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
  • Weight loss – If you drink unsweetened iced tea, it provide a  is a low-calorie drink option. This help those people trying to manage (or reduce) their weight.
  • Mental alertness – Some teas contain caffeine. This can help improve alertness and concentration. 
  • Digestive health – Certain herbal teas, including peppermint and ginger tea, may have positive effects on the digestive system. This can help to relieve indigestion and bloating. bloating.

Potential benefits may vary depending on the type of tea and the specific compounds that are present in it. It’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional if you need advice.

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