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We love to travel and have used many items of travel gear, equipment and travel clothing over the years

Read our personal travel gear, technology and clothing reviews about what we feel are some of the best items for making travelling easier, more enjoyable and that often have become essential items for us when travel packing…


This compact 6 in 1 charger cable is a very convenient charging solution to travelling with multiple devices.

battery-fairy-lightsWhen you’re travelling and camping and want LED fairy lights that don’t get tangled (and are USB rechargeable), try these excellent retractable LED lights.

As a family we have decades of travel experience between us and have used a lot of travel gear.

We travelled by air, land and sea to some very cool places. We’re also commuters, family, couple and solo travellers too.

We have developed many family travel hacks that can help save time, money and make your travelling more comfortable and enjoyable.

We really like to research our travel gear and we like to by cool travel items that work well and that last. This mean that we get value for money and can help be less damaging to the planet.

With some of our travel gear being older than our kids and still being used years later… that makes it very (travel) cool!!!

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