Travel Cool Bag Review

What is the best travel cool bag?


We’ve tried many different travel cool bags, cool boxes and coolers whilst out and about on our travels. For us having a cool drink and fresh food is essential if we’re walking, hiking, cycling, climbing, going for picnics, music festivals, school sports days etc.

Most cool bags are designed to be carried by hand. We like a rucksack cool bag (or cooler) as it keeps our hands free.

We bought our Quechua Isothermal 20 L rucksack cool bag from Decathlon during our first campervan road trip to France in 2016. It’s been used as our primary travel cool bag ever since. 

What do we like about the Decathlon Quechua Isothermal travel cool bag?

Size & Capacity

The full volume of this cool bag is 20 litres so you can squeeze in plenty of food and snacks (if you’re careful to avoid bulk and unnecessary packaging.

It’s fairly lightweight at 485g  and its dimensions are  29 x 19 x 42 cm, so it isn’t a huge bag to lug around. It can also be packed quite flat when empty for storage.


Being made of soft abrasion resistant fabric, it isn’t a hard bag. We like the padded adjustable straps (that suit adults and teens). There are also waist and chest belts to aid a comfortable fit.

The best feature of this travel cool bag is the foam back which helps the pack sit comfortably when its loaded with heavier items such as cans and bottles.


With the use of cool packs (or we just tend to take cold cans or cartons of drinks from the fridge), it can keep your food and drink cool and fresh for several hours. Decathlon claims that this can be for up to seven hours. We’ve certainly used it throughout the day and and it keeps everything cool for hours.

Other Features

We like the external bottle pockets for our insulated water bottles so that we can grab a drink on the go without opening the rucksack.

There is a handy front pocket for keeping hand wipes & hand gel too.

Internally there are also handy compartments for keeping cool packs in place so that they are evenly distributed to keep everything cool. They is also a great lid compartment at the top of the cool bag when you unzip it open which is handy for storage soft items such as fruit that you don’t want to get squashed.

cool bag rucksack review

Buy a Isothermal 20 L cooler rucksack direct from Decathlon – check prices & stock

Any advice on the Quechua Isothermal travel cool Bag?

Make sure that you clean and dry the rucksack  well.

It can only be hand washed but we have found that wiping it down with an antibacterial cleaning wipe does a pretty good job of cleaning it.

Don’t store the cooler backpack until it is fully dry or you may find it mouldy when you next need it.


Quechua Isothermal Travel Cool Bag Rucksack Update…

A new version of this cool bag rucksack has replaced our original one. It is even better! It has the same features as the original cool bag, but also has hand cinch straps to tighten it up when not full. It also has a handy sleeve at the top for storing a picnic blanket or item of clothing. It looks good too!

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