Rolling Square inCharge X 6 in 1 Charger Cable Review

inCharge X is a 6 in 1 charger cable that has USB A & C input and Lightning, USB C and Micro USB outputs - WOW!!


Where's my charger lead? Yes ... it's one of the most commonly asked questions in a family ... especially when travelling.

Modern life is full of mobile electronic gadgets which are great at making our lives simpler and more fun. Charger leads on the other hand are just annoying, inconvenient and end up as ‘spaghetti’ in your travel bags.

And unfortunately until the day arrives that there is worldwide consistency to input and output ports, we have to live with multiple charging leads…or do we?

The Rolling Square inCharge X charger cable provides a great travel solution for mobile charging and reduces the need for lots of charger cables.

What we like about the Rolling Square inCharge X charger cable...

There are quite a few cool features that we like about the Rolling Square inCharge X charger cable:

  • It is tiny! This is a really compact charging solution for when you are travelling and on the go. Its clever design (including magnets that clip it together when not in use) means that it can easily fit onto a keyring, in your pocket or handbag.
  • It is a 6 in 1 charger so it replaces multiple charging  cables.
    • USB A input to…
      • Lightning (iPhone, iPad, AirPods)
      • Micro USB (Kindles and many other devices) 
      • USB C (GoPro and many other devices)
    •  USB C input to …
      • USB C
      • Lightning
      • Micro USB
  • It’s quick … allowing data transfer and ultra-fast charging up to 100W.
  • It is well made and durable. After several trips and plenty of typical travel abuse, we haven’t had any issues with the inCharge X.
  • It provides a nice, compact connection with our Mophie Power Bank and other gadget like our GoPro, when working in a confined space like a place or train.

Is there anything that we don't like about the inCharge 6 in 1 charger cable?

The price. But then as with most things in life when you are paying for convenience, you usually end up paying more. 

It isn’t a long cable, so your device needs to be close to the power input source. This can sometimes be fiddly if that’s a wall socket.

The fact that this replaces the equivalent of 6 different charger cables and it has data connectivity (& it is so small) makes it worth while in our opinion … until we lose it !!

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