OCOOPA Hand Warmer & Power Bank Review

Need a hand warmer and a power bank? This handy palm size gadget does the job of both. It it is rechargeable hand warmer that can also be used to charge portable devices on the go. We use this for cold weather travel and trips when you need to keep warm. It is also good for skiing, watching sport in the winter, dog walks and kids sports fixtures.

The manufacturers description …

  • Easy cozy warmth. 
  • Exquisite comfort – Made of high-tech aircraft-grade aluminium and ABS material, thousands of polished exterior Material, Smooth and warm, portable and compact as well anti-skid in one hand
  • Compact & palm sized. It’s half the size of a smart phone.
  • It produces a massive amount of heat.
  • Fast heating & 3 levels – press the switch and instantly release the warmth for you. Hand warmers can rapidly warm up double sides in seconds. 3 levels of temperature (35’C / 95’F), (48’C / 118.4’F) & (55’C / 131’F)
  • Save fingers and your phones. Large battery capacity – 5200 mAh lithium rechargeable battery with USB-C charging port ensures a long using time. It can also be used as a power bank to charge your electronic device 

As a hand warmer, this little device is superb. It really does give off a lot of heat and last for hours.

Now if you want something to be used as a your main power bank, you may wish to consider something that is designed to hold lots more power. This gadget is designed primarily as a hand warmer that can also be used to charge you phone. 

As a hand warmer it is simply superb. On the lowest setting we managed to get a whopping 8 hours of heating after a full charge (that does take a couple of hours)

Cold hands ruin your fun. When gloves aren’t enough, you need the best hand warmer and we feel that the Ocoopa Hand Warmer is just that. It provides heat for ages and packs a punch. It has a USB charging port and looks and feels very well made. It comes with a small back that is useful for carrying leads and adaptors.

It is also great as an emergency power back up for your phone (but doesn’t use all the charge as you can’t then warm your hands). The battery size is accepted for plane travel in hand baggage.

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This is a 'Travel Cool' essential piece of gear
The Ocoopa Hand Warmer being used ion a winter woodland hike

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