Mophie Power Bank Review

Our Zagg Mophie Portable Power Bank has been well and truly tested by Travel Cool


Is the Mophie Snap + the best power bank? We've been using it for nearly a year now...

We have a confession about this Zagg Mophie power bank charger… It was an impulse purchase!  We had to buy a new power bank as we’d annoyingly left our Anker power bank at home and didn’t realise until we’d got to Manchester airport before our Florida holiday. Doh!!

Fortunately the airport had an InMotion electrical accessories shop and we had time to browse before our flight (and then cheekily charge it up in Starbuck before boarding!) It has now been used on family holidays to Florida, Malta, Iceland, Egypt,  France and Vietnam (as well as day to day charging in the U.K. and in our VW California campervan). So yes, it’s probably our best power bank at this time.

What we like about the Mophie Power Bank wireless charger...

There are quite a few features that we have found useful with the Zagg Mophie Snap ++ powerstation stand…

  1. As a power bank / portable charger is lasts for ages. It’s 10000 mAh Lithium Ion battery. Charges fairly quickly and is good for charge multiple devices.
  2. It has a strong magnetic attachment so it works with MagSafe devices without the need for usb cables and leads (though there is a useful USB C that we use with our GoPro). The magnet helps align the powerbank to your device.

    We use it with our iPhones and AirPods Pro 2‘s for wireless charging. This is particularly handy when travelling.

  3. There is a useful integrated adjustable stand that allows you to charge your phone whilst holding it at the perfect angle, in landscape or portrait mode.
  4. You can stream movies or make video calls whilst charging.
  5. It’s allowed on airplanes.
  6. It has a handy 4 light LED to show when it is charging, charged & how much charge is left in the portable charger.
  7. You can attach it to a tripod if you want to.
  8. It feels premium. There is a durable fabric on the front and rear surfaces of the Mophie power bank. This also aids grip and prevents scratching your phone.
The Mophie power bank was very handy on a Vietnamese sleeper train!

Is this a portable power bank?

We think so. We’ve now used it on multiple trips abroad on flights, trains, cars and boats and haven’t found this Mophie Snap+ PowerStation Stand to be too big or bulky at all.

It weighs 265g

Length = 13 cm

Width = 7 cm

Depth (stand closed) = 2.2cm

Is there anything we didn't like about this power bank.

Other than some of our older devices still requiring cables with an older USB connection and not USB C; and that our heavy duty iPhone case had slightly less magnetism (not just with this magnetic phone charger though … it’s the case), it has been a really good power bank for us.

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