Heat It Electric Insect Bite Treatment

Does the Heat It smartphone powered insect bite healer really work for insect bite treatment?

Let’s face it, insect bites are annoying aren’t they? They itch. They sting. They are painful. In the past the only way to treat bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, bugs and horseflies, was to use ointment, creams and antihistamines. 

There is though now an alternative using thermo-pulse (or heat-pulse technology) and there are convenient electric insect bite treatment devices now available on the market such as the Heat It Insect Bite Healer.

The model we use conveniently works with our iPhones (there is an Android model too). It is also very, very portable as it is so tiny


Heat It Insect bite zapper, how does it work?

The electric insect bite treatment device has a small metal plate that is applied directly to the affected area of the insect bite or sting.

When the device is activated  it delivers a controlled and localised amount of heat to the affected area of skin.

The device heat pulse is applied for a  few seconds and then automatically stops.

The localised heat application to the bite serves several purposes. It helps to relieve itching by inhibiting the release of histamines (body’s chemicals which are responsible for itching).

The heat can also denature (break down) certain proteins in the venom or saliva left behind by the insect. This potentially stopes the swelling and pain from developing. The heat can also enhance blood circulation in the area of the bite which could help with healing.

How to treat an insect bite with Heat It?

Firstly make sure that you have downloaded the free Heat It app for your smartphone. You simply then plug the Heat It insect bite zapper into your phone. 

The app will open up and you can then specify the treatment depending on if it is for a child or adults and the sensitivity of the persons skin. It’s best to start low and work up to a heat level that you are comfortable with.

Follow the instructions on the screen and apply the Heat It insect bit healer tip to your skin as directed.

What does electric insect zapper treatment feel like?

There is a hot sensation to the skin. As adults we use the highest setting. It feels hot, but it isn’t painful. It can probably be best described as the equivalent of touching a hot cup of tea or coffee on a very small area of skin.

We do use the lower settings for the zapper with our children.

Does electric insect bite treatment work?

Yes it does help relieve the pain and itchiness from insect bites and stings. We’ve used the Heat It insect bite healer for a few months now. As we like to to hike, camp and spend time on the beach, it is inevitable that you get a few bites and stings.

Yes, electric insect bite treatment does provide relief from bites and stings. The relief does wear of though and you may need to retreat several times in a day depending on how severe the bite ofr sting is.


Are there any risks of using Heat It or insect bite treatment?

Read the manufacturers instructions carefully before using the device and apply some common sense too. 

Avoid using the the Heat It insect bite healer on and sensitive areas, open wounds and near  near the eyes.

Whilst electric insect bite treatment devices such as Heat It can provide temporary relief to bites and stings, they do not eliminate the risk of allergic reactions or other complications.

In cases of severe reactions to a bite or sting it is important to seek immediate medical attention if your you are concerned

Is there anything that we don't like or would change about the Heat It device?

This is a really handy little gadget. It is very tiny and very portable. This could make it easy to lose if you don’t attach it to a key ring.

One obvious issue is that if your smartphone runs out of charge, you cant use it. That’s never been a problem for us as we always have a portable battery pack and charging leads with us.

Overall this is a great gadget that is permanently attached to our campervan keyring. We like that you don’t need battery, it’s easy to use with a smartphone and we don’t have to worry about taking creams and ointment with us.

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