What is a nudibranch? We love them!

Nudibranch are colourful soft bodied marine gastropod molluscs that look simply out of this world


Why do we love a nudibranch?

We all have our little indulgences in life. A piece of chocolate. A glass of wine. Shopping. A Netflix boxset. Well, we love scuba diving and looking for colourful nudibranchs on a healthy coral reefs.

Often as tiny as your pinky finger nails, you need to look hard amongst the corals as they are sometimes hard to spot.

But when you find a nudibranch, your heart skips a beat and you’re smiling around your scuba diving regulator.

When you’re diving with children, it’s good to play a ‘Spot the Nudibranch’ game. Unlike or marines creatures, them move very slowly, just like a snail.

Enjoy these photos of nudibranchs from our dive trip to Bunaken, North Sulawesi.

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